Exclusive Organic Drinks
and Vegan Foods

Lombardenvest 78, 2000 Antwerp, (B)
T: +3232336819 - E: info@lombardia.be

OPEN 8-18 only Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

360 FOTO of Lombardia

Welcome to Lombardia

"A legendary health food shop-café, run by a hip crew, the décor is amazing and all the food is healthy...”
-Lonely Planet-

“Where to go for lunch? Try out Lombardia's, for delicious organic sandwiches and salads and sublime ginger tea and smoothies.'
-Wall Street Journal- (Bekijk krantenartikel)

“Lombardia has been the trendsetter in vegetarian food since 1972 – it's perfect for breakfast or lunch. Alain Indria created this kitsch, tropic oasis where a golden cow and a pink pig take centre stage. Try the popular Pulp Fiction, Mexican Boy or the unforgettable ginger tea..”
-VLM Airlines magazine-

“Go to Lombardia in Lombardenvest and you may feel you've seen the future of food”
-Norfolkline ferries-

Enjoy our ginger tea

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Lombardia book

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